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    A companion to the Factoring in Fathers book, it’s designed to engage you in addressing the unmet needs of expectant and new fathers.

  • Parental Mental Health: Factoring in Fathers shifts the focus of the maternal mental health movement to a parental mental health approach that includes the mental well-being of all parents, no matter what the gender.

    “As a clinical psychologist working with expecting and new parents, I’m so happy that Parental Mental Health: Factoring in Fathers has arrived! Challenging the outdated, limiting, and often damaging perceptions of the father’s role, this insightful book beautifully outlines simple steps for healthy changes. The entire family and all the relationships within it will benefit greatly from this gender equitable approach to parenting.”


    Parental Mental Health: Factoring in Fathers asks the questions, ‘Why fathers?’ and ‘Why now?’ and then goes forward to answer BOTH those questions in a clear, concise and caring way. This helpful playbook is for those negotiating the transition to fatherhood with their partner.”

    —Craig F. Garfield, MD, MAPP
    Pediatrician and fatherhood researcher

    Meet the Authors

    Jane Honikman, M.S.

    Jane Honikman, M.S., became a leader of the social movement to promote the emotional wellbeing of parents and their families through her work founding Postpartum Education for Parents (PEP) in 1977 and Postpartum Support International (PSI) in 1987. She has written several books on the topic and continues to lecture and train internationally on the role of social support and the emotional health of families. In 2015, Jane co-founded the Postpartum Action Institute with the mission to energize and revitalize professionals and parent advocates in order to support new families.

    Connect with Jane:

    Daniel B. Singley, Ph.D.

    Daniel B. Singley, Ph.D. is a San Diego-based board certified psychologist and Director of The Center for Men’s Excellence. His research and practice focus on men’s mental health with a particular emphasis on reproductive psychology and the transition to fatherhood. He conducts training and presentations around the country and founded the grant-funded Basic Training for New Dads, Inc. nonprofit and Padre Cadre social networking application just for dads in order to give new fathers the tools they need to be highly engaged with their infants as well as their partners.

    Signs and Symptoms of Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

    One in ten dads develops postpartum depression

    Dads’ symptoms of depression are often different from typical symptoms of depression and commonly include:
    • extreme irritability 
    • anger
    • isolation or socially withdrawn 
    • blaming others
    • substance abuse 
    • headaches
    • muscle tension
    • sleep problems
    • constant, inexplicable tiredness
    • abusive, hyperactive, or antisocial behavior
    Postpartum anxiety also affects about 10% of new dads and symptoms can include:
    • Panic attacks
    • Worry
    • Obsessive thoughts
    • Compulsions
    If you are feeling any of these signs or symptoms you’re not alone. You’re not to blame for what you’re feeling. You will be well and feel like yourself again—this is treatable. Contact your healthcare provider for help and referrals.

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